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High Power wirless Router
Retail Price:$168.50
Wholesale Price:$158.70


Wireless communication devices are so popular that they are seen in homes and offices everywhere. Our company is a leader in the networking industry. We have now launched the HPR01 series wireless broadband router, which integrates wired and wireless network connections into one device. The router supports 2 working modes of gateway and bridge,provides 5 RJ-45 ports, adapts to port speed and port type automatically, meets the needs of different networks and supports the 11 n/b/g wireless standards. The maximum wireless signal rate of file transfers is up to 300Mbps.
◆ 2 internal 12DBi high-gain antennas: revolutionary breakthrough
◆ High-quality components: can function 24 hours per day
◆ Low power consumption, efficient energy saving, long life cycle
◆ Standard USB2.0 port capable of providing 3G router/NAS function
◆ Supports 802.11n/b/g standard maximum transmission rate is up to 300Mbps
◆ Classic and unique design: for office or home environment
◆ Ultra-strong anti-jamming function: for more stable network transmission
◆ Supports CE, FCC and ROHS third party certifications: according to client’s request
◆ Supports Qos, limits the IP bandwidth
◆ Web user interface supports free upgrade of software
◆ Supports backup and restoration of configuration files
◆ WDS wireless relay function: extends the coverage area of wireless networks
◆ Supports multiple router functions such as DHCP server and client, static router, Virtual
Servers, DMZ UPnP, VPN pass-through, etc.
◆ Supports Pppoe, Dynamic IP and static IP network access. Pppoe access supports autodial,
demand dial and manual dialing to meet customer’s demands
◆ Supports various security encryption mechanisms such as 64/128-bit WEP data encryption,
WPA, WPA2, WPA/WPA2 mixed, etc.
◆ Built-in firewall supports hidden wireless SSID function and access control based on MAC
address, protects user information data, and provides safety to wireless network from
malicious attacks.

Package Contents:
◆ Wireless-N 300M Broadband Router
◆ Power Adapter DC12V,1A
◆ User Manual
◆ 1 Ethernet Network Cable
◆ Quick Installation Guide
◆ Warranty cards/certification
Important:When opening package, please ensure package contents are as stated above. If not,
please contact distributor.



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